5 Great Tips for Managing Interns

5 Great Tips for Managing Interns

From Levo League-

Just as being an intern is a rite of passage as an undergrad, so is managing interns as a young professional.

If you are managing interns for the first time, congrats. Someone has decided you are responsible enough to manage other human beings! Now it’s time to hop to it. Here are some tips for how to manage interns, whether your company has a formal internship program or not.

1. Have lunch with your intern on the first day.

It’s amazing to me how many managers miss this opportunity to set the stage for what’s to come that summer. After all the careful recruiting and hiring, they jump in and skip right over onboarding. Onboarding your interns means more than just giving them the requisite paperwork to fill out. Take that first day to get to know your interns over lunch, and understand their hopes and dreams in and outside of your company. Just cutting through the awkwardness can bring huge returns. (Think about how distracting it is to be nervous!) Plus, we are much more likely to do good work around people we connect with and are inspired by. So take some time to get to know your intern on day one. No obligation to have lunch with them daily, but a nice welcome lunch goes a long way.

2. Know that the way you want to be managed is not the way everyone wants to be managed.

We tend to manage people according to our own work habits, but not everyone works the same way.




October 29, 2010

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