A Lesson in Teamwork

Do you realize the teamwork that’s happening right in your own backyard? Surely you have had an ant pile or two before. Consider the diverse roles of those in the ant colony. They really know how to work together. Maybe that’s why they’re so persistent!

The biggest job is to lay the eggs. This can only be done by the queen, who starts the colony. There’s probably a few other ants who wish they were the queen, but it’s not possible to be someone else now is it? So, the ants who are not the queen accept their role and see the value of it. For example, the largest ants born are always the soldiers. They protect the colony. That makes the smaller ones feel secure knowing someone is looking out for them. Other ants know how to hunt for food. Sometimes, when a colony gets too big, an ant or two may leave and start a new colony of their own, and that’s ok because there are other backyards out there. Let’s not forget the carpenters who help build and maintain the ant pile. Then finally, there are some ants who are the nursery workers. They take care of the young ants. They also collect the food that was brought in and distribute it throughout the entire colony.

Think about it: If all the ants were exactly alike, it would be chaotic because essential jobs would be neglected. The fact is, without teamwork, all of the ants would eventually perish.

Obviously, human relationships are far more complex than ant piles, but there is a lesson here… When is the last time you thanked a team member for the unique contributions they make to your “colony?”

How about today?

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