5 Free Online Tools to Make Work Easier

Some Fantastic Sites, Apps, and Tips to Make Your Job Less Stressful

With the amount of technology available to businesses today, it is easy to get overwhelmed with information overload.  But pricy technology investments often create more headaches than they solve. Sometimes it is the simple app or program that can make a big difference in making your workplace a little less stressful. These online tools have all been selected for their ease of use and their great potential benefits to you and your company. And the best part is that they are all free!

101a0d0386107742bfa2ed81d3e760a3AnyMeeting is a great presentation and video-conferencing program. The free, ad-supported version allows you to hold large or small meetings, with over 200 participants allowed to view your screen.  For smaller meetings up to six people can join a live video conference. Add in features like custom registration forms, recording options, and full support and it is easy to see why AnyMeeting is a great choice to use for collaboration.



The Internet can be a scary place, but this simple browser add-on makes it a little less so by tracking the trackers. Ghostery lets you see who is following you online, by alerting you to the tags, Web bugs, pixels, and beacons that are on your computer. Ghostery identifies over 1,000 trackers and lets you know the ad networks, behavioral data providers, Web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.



The Internet changes by the second, and now you can monitor that change with this great tool.  ChangeDetection allows you to track any changes or edits made to a website. Simply go to changedetection.com and create a simple change log for any specific website url.  They will alert you to all modifications and alterations to the page. From competitor’s sites to Wikipedia entries, now you can stay current on what’s going on online.



This free-to-use service will analyze any document or paper and provide in-depth analysis of ways to make the writing better.  Plagiarism detection, spelling and grammar check, style and word choice analysis, readability statistics, and title validation are all criteria when making recommendations.  Never turn in another poorly worded report or proposal again.



Have you ever sent an important email, only to wait around wondering if the recipient read or even got the message?  SpyPig allows you to sneakily learn the outcome of your email without attaching a read receipt or installing expensive software. Simply go to spypig.com and follow the easy steps to creating your own SpyPig tracking image. Put the image in your email and send it out normally.  Soon you’ll receive your report on whether that sales lead opened your message or not.

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